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Lissa began her career as a successful fashion model in Milan, Paris, and New York, and has appeared in numerous magazines worldwide. She traveled to fifteen countries, sailed the Mediterranean, raced sports cars in Monaco, scuba dived with sharks, and speaks five languages.


Lissa has independently published five books, created her own line of cruelty-free kosher cosmetics, and produced an epic collection of abstract expressionist paintings. As an artist, Lissa merges the realms of mysticism and the unknown with the complexity of the human soul. Her work embodies the energy between life and rebirth, light and darkness, to create pieces that captivate the viewer and create a spiritual shift in consciousness. Her art reflects transformation, movement, and freedom. When Lissa paints in her studio, she stands to dance around the canvas, projecting a precise intention as the image emerges from the paint.​​

Lissa grew up summering in the Hamptons, and resides in New York with her husband, world-renowned functional neurologist, Dr. Shannon Leon, and their two children.






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